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On the plus side, Donald can put his LA money into a new podcasting setup.

Following a very rough couple of weeks, it takes a nice, long episode of Nintendo Free Radio to let the crew decompress. Donald, having run out of fks to give about Langrisser Re:Incarnation -TENSEI- (his review runs down the crimes) for New Business, hits the Sega 3D Classics Collection in search of a good title and actually succeeded. Stephen has some brief mentions including Overwatch's beta, but his big hits are Ratchet and Clank plus Star Fox Zero (+a little bit of Guard from Donald). Austen, nonplussed, completes a long-standing objective before hitting the latest Vita exclusive (for now) Severed and dives into The Magic Circle... with interesting results.

Whatcha Watchin opens with a look at life as number 2 with HBO's political comedy Veep, while Stephen takes the law into his own hands with Daredevil (S2). Austen ends up completing a rare tri(de)fecta before running into Tokyo Ghoul and taking in the Ratchet and Clank movie (based on the game based on the movie) and based on box office receipts, he's about the only one.

The Feature discussion was going to talk Zelda, but then Nintendo went and lost their damn minds again. Telling E3 where to go (aside from Zelda)? Launching the NX in 2017? Putting Fire Emblem on mobile? A gobsmacked team tries to break it all down. The Mushrooms include the return of the popular "Fun with Preorders" segment, a word about fetishizing crunch, and words of praise for sales.

We'll have more to talk about in a couple of weeks, but send us some questions, comments, complaints, etc by responding below, tweeting @nfrpodcast or shooting us an email!

This podcast was recorded on May 1 and edited by Donald Theriault.


Contains the longest Mushroom ever

Before we begin, a warning: With one exception, we have left the explicit tag on for this one as there are some issues that we need to talk about that definitely aren't family friendly.

In New Business, Donald brushes off Miitomo in order to talk about a trio of Legend of Zelda games: Hyrule Warriors Legends, the de facto New 3DS exclusive, a surprising over-performer in Twilight Princess HD, and a brief pitstop in Link to the Past as an actual New 3DS exclusive. Stephen played the Platinum demo of Final Fantasy XV since that didn't take long, then decided to go fishing with Big the Cat for some crazy reason. Austen's menu includes gun-toting roguelikes with insane progression requirements (Enter the Gungeon), a blatant marketing attempt that will do better than its co-production (Ratchet and Clank 2016), a game that is the last gasp of TVTVSportsTV Microsoft (Quantum Break) and a game that don't give a f**k (Plants v Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, which shouts out to K-Log).

Whatcha Watchin' includes a superhero run, followed by Stephen getting all up in the Zach Miller department with The Good Dinosaur. Donald counters the superheroes with... wrestlers emerging from cereal boxes devoted to a certain body part in the Shaymin Sports-Ent Minute, before getting thrown out of the show as he's Expelled from Paradise. Austen blasted through Psycho-Pass season 2, but follows that with the long-awaited extended breakdown of The Force Awakens. If you're trying to stay spoiler-pure, you'll need to jump ahead about 25 minutes.

Because Whatcha Watchin' went long, we had to forego the feature which would have ran through the state of the Legend of Zelda series - and that's not going to be on 77 either. Instead, it's straight to the Mushrooms which Austen and Stephen tackle quickly, but Donald has the longest Mushroom in history as they break down everything known (at the time) about the Alison Rapp affair. Thankfully, SquareEnix is always around to provide a nice antidote.

Our next show will record shortly and is going to break down some recent changes to a host's travel plans, but be sure to get in your comments and questions. Also, the show ran a little late as Donald is editing NWR's Connectivity after an injury, so go check out episode 202 to see his handiwork.

This podcast was recorded on April 15 and edited by Donald Theriault.


One day, we'll get to the pay windah if you weeeeeel.

Donald was a little under the weather the night of recording, so this is a slightly abbreviated episode 75 - no Whatcha Watchin', for one thing. Instead, Donald fires up New Business with a look at the dark side of Fire Emblem Fates in Conquest, after a big fat wedding in Birthright. Following some quick hits, Donald and Stephen form North American Alpha to tackle the two-man job that is Pokkén Tournament. Stephen gets the hot tag and tackles the original demo for Final Fantasy XV before hitting something quite unusual: A Telltale game that doesn't crash, and a Minecraft game that's only a slight affront to game programming (Minecraft Story Mode). Austen's brief mentions lead into a game that can be easily confused with the Internet in Salt and Sanctuary before addressing the PlayStation 3/Vita/some other thing strategy game Aegis of Earth - with its flagrant ripping off of music.

Since there's no Whatcha Watchin', it's straight into a bunch of quick hits including PlayStation VR, the PS4k, rumor cat ownage and a legal case that may never get off the ground involving a game critic. (Disclaimer: Donald started backing Jim effing Sterling SON because of the threat of legal action.) The Mushrooms cover FLCL's apparent return, a rough season in the gastrointestinal area, and the continued heel turn of a noted racist, jack.

We're almost caught up on the backlog, with just a GOTY show to go, so drop us a line if you want us to cover something on Interstate '76!

This podcast was recorded on March 25 and was edited by Donald Theriault. We need more Brock Lesnar bearhugs in our lives.


We don't get hype or stay hype.

As the race to catch up before the fiscal year ends continues, we've got quite a bit to cover in this episode. Stephen's New Business is light with just a little bit of co-op Starcraft 2, as his birth in the world championships slips away. Donald has the biggest game of the episode in the form of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright, including the sudden realization that this is probably going to be his answer to Final Fantasy X for Austen a couple of years ago (though there are a few brief mentions thrown in). Austen is still telling his Digimon Story, but the Cyber Sleuth is upstaged by a rather stacked Prince of Darkness. (Surpisingly, he's not weak to wind, but he is stacked.) Austen has also been wrangling Paper Toads in Mario and Luigi Paper Jam, but has an understated aquatic racer Riptide GP2 as a tribute to the then-unemployed Kyke Bosman.

Whatcha Watchin' has the usual round of superhero tomfoolery, followed by Stephen coming up with the unpronouncable and as-of-yet undubbed Concrete Revoluio (knock it off, spellcheck). Donald got around to watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shambala, which seems to have forgotten something small - like a functioning atomic bomb. In other unexpected bursts of energy, Austen punched through the Angelic Layer and found some pretty illogical things waiting on the other side.

It's another Big Block o' Cheese Day in the Feature, as Microsoft's console plans, Sony firmwares and a discussion of potential Japan/US relations serve as the warmup for a rapid-fire breakdown of this month's Nintendo Direct that Donald's still not sure he saw everything in. The Mushrooms are so extreme Austen's main recorder broke as we debut the Weird Mushroom and Donald's giving a Poison to a mainline Pokémon game.

Episode 75 will be a hair shorter, but we want to know what's after that, so drop us an email or tweet @nfrpodcast to let us know anything we should cover.

This podcast was recorded on March 5 and was edited by Donald Theriault. The editor would also like to congratulate friend/former financier of the show Ryan M on his impending nuptuals.


On the 6th week, GameTrailers was revived.

A combination of new work, reviews and other fun stuff has kept this off the feeds, but we're going to get caught up - and the timing couldn't work out any better for us. Stephen takes the lead in New Business with a quick Final Fantasy Explorers update, but Donald quickly moves the discussion to another crossover with the then-new Super Smash Bros DLC. After that, the crossovers continue with Mario, Paper Mario and Green Mario's latest misadventures with Mario and Luigi Paper Jam, before Donald ends out with then-recent GBA Virtual Console release Kuru Kuru Kururin. Austen put most of his time into a monster raising RPG - Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. (His Pokémon turn will come.) We draw to a close for New Business with Gravity Rush Remastered and the other yarn-based platformer, Unravel.

Whatcha Watchin' is mostly Stephen as he has the musical fun of Galavant, the latest from Syfy in Dark Matter, and the record breaking superheroics of Deadpool just in time for a certain DC flick to lose to it. Donald updates on season 1 of Better Call Saul. so cue up "Smoke On The Water" for the end of that segment.

The Feature discussion came as Defy Media slammed the hammer down on GameTrailers, in the middle of Dan Bloodworth's honeymoon no less. We look at what that means for the state of internet video, aside from Donald's weekly Nintendo News Report/NWR @ Nite appearances. The Mushrooms go heavy on problems with certain social media platforms and also takes a gratuitous cheapshot at the Ice Capades, but has words of praise for investigative felines.

Although we have our issues with Twitter, we're still using it - hit us up @nfrpodcast or grab the personal attention of the hosts @donaldmick, @cericme or @broodwars64. We haven't given up yet.

This podcast was recorded on February 14, and was edited by Donald Theriault. Welcome back, Easy Allies.


We know how Donald opened Saints Row IV now!

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the episodes of Nintendo Free Radio. Following a three week recording break, Stephen kicks off New Business with a couple of 71 follow-ups: Groove Coaster 2 and the further misadventures of Meg Ryan in Final Fantasy X HD(er). Donald then moves to follow up with a game he no longer owns as of publishing time, but he cedes to Stephen for most of a long Final Fantasy Explorersdiscussion. Donald picks up with his first GBA game on Wii U that he actually played, Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3.  Long name, but the e-Reader levels make it worth buying. After that, it's the return of the otome as we rewrite history with Code;Realize. Austen deals with a superstitious, cowardly lot in Assassin's Creed Syndicate - the last one of those we'll see for a while, sadly it means Watch Dogs 2 - before grabbing a couple of titles off PSN in The Deadly Tower of Monsters and Saturday Morning RPG. Also, we have our use of "The Touch" for 2016.

Whatcha Watchin' comes out of the break with Donald dealing with a couple of murderous psychos in future Vita visual novel Psycho;Pass and a wrapup on Death Note. Stephen then gets a little investigation in with Rosewood and Elementary. Austen keeps the Baker Street express rolling with Sherlock: The Abominable Bride, before hitting every superhero show in the business.

The first of a two-part Feature deals with something we didn't cover off last time; our personal 2016 hype trains. Some will get delayed, some may not work at all, and Donald makes the obvious pick for his #1. Then it's a news lightning round with EA out of E3, GameStop as game publisher and a Sony reorganization. In the Mushrooms, Stephen's Mushrooms get wildly hijacked while Donald casually invites a biological stain to commit a biologically impossible act. (Note that the second half is un-Pokemoned for a very particular reason.)

We'll join you again shortly for a much shorter episode, but if there's something you want us to talk about when we record again, shoot us an email or leave it below. Also, keep an eye on our Twitter feed @nfrpodcast to find out when that next recording will be.

This podcast was recorded on January 31 and was edited by Donald Theriault.


We'll get into it later as to why there's no GOTY show yet.

Giving new meaning to the concept of the New Year's hangover, this is the first of a few episodes to come out over the next few days for reasons we'll get into on the show. But we're back, and the GOTY will be out when the editor isn't engaged with the business end of power sanding.

The first New Business of 2016 opens with Donald's take on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Hell of a way to start the year. Donald finds himself longing for a return to Lorule while simultaneously cursing motion controls. Stephen had a bang-up holiday with some amiibo gifts, but also got the lump of coal known as Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. Just how bad is the game that if it wasn't free to play, Amazon's sure as hell trying to make it that way? Stephen then gives his co-hosts the quality bends with SteamWorld Heist (3DS) and Final Fantasy X (PS4, and now Donald has to complete the tridefecta). Austen has a few brief mentions, including a non-crap phone game, before being heavily disappointed by Trine 3, somewhat impressed with Assassin's Creed Syndicate (even if Unity was made by les incompetents) and somewhat nervous about Harmonix's Kickstarter-fueled Hail Mary, Amplitude.

The first Whatcha Watchin' segment of 2016 gets off to a rather shocking start before Stephen brings a touch of class to the proceedings with the Great British Bake-Off. Austen keeps it decidedly British with some more visits to Doctor Who, before Donald completely snaps and goes all megalomanical (more than usual) with Death Note. Watch as we take a podcast... AND EDIT IT.

The Feature discussion rang long - hell, the whole show did - but we have the "beloved" prediction segments. How many of Donald's already came true, and how badly were they proven wrong? Does Austen still think the NX is a hybrid for some reason? Why does Stephen want an oven that can play Doom? Plus, special bonus predictions from friend of the show and Listener Mail regular Jason Friedman. In the Mushrooms, we have warnings about house renovations, laments over lost dinosaurs, and Donald's summer travel plans. Hint: It involves a potential visit to The Price is Right (assuming they're taping on his day off).

Be sure to drop us a comment below, email us or Tweet us (@nfrpodcast) if you want to mock our predictions, Stephen's amiibo Festival, or anything else!

This podcast was recorded on January 10 and was edited by Donald Theriault.


Offer not guaranteed if your hard drive is screwed

Judging from the title, you can probably guess one of the main topics of conversation in this episode, but we've got some important warmup acts. Austen opens New Business with the fourth most important game to release on November 10 - noted bomba and reason for executive canning Rise of the Tomb Raider. He didn't pay full price, but Austen's none too thrilled with his purchase. In terms of things he did enjoyed, there's the follow up to March's masochism simulator Bloodborne with the Old Hunters expansion. Stephen got a little FF Type-0 HD in - for $20, so Donald can put it on the board - and then got ready for adventure with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Finally, Donald drops sixty five hours of perspective on Xenoblade Chronicles X, though that conversation will probably come back around next episode.

Whatcha Watchin has a brief bit of Angelic Layer from Austen, then a mutual discussion of Doctor Who, the superhero show segment headed up by the dreaded Netflix queue's Jessica Jones, before Stephen finds the Seven Deadly Sins are missing at least two of those features. Donald has a brief mention here in between Xeno-sessions.

The Feature was fortuitously provided by a week's delay in recording, as we cover The Game Awards and PlayStation Experience. Also, we didn't bother providing the Pokémon in this episode as, well, things got a little salty after a PR statement was read into the record. The Mushrooms cover a case of Konami not being preceded by an F-word, the joys of home construction and more Valkyria Chronicles. Now, if the PS3 version would just come out digitally...

Next episode is the end of the year spectacular, and we want to hear from you! Send your top 5 games (all platforms eligible) or any awards you'd like us to hand out to the usual spots, or just drop them below. Also, if you missed our performance on the NWR Live Telethon for Child's Play, check it out - unfortunately, you've given Donald a get out of jail free card on Skyward Sword should he choose to use it. Until next time, Genei Ibunroku did it right.

This podcast was recorded on December 6 and was edited by Donald Theriault.


We did it live for the kids again. Now you get to hear the results.

On December 5, we had the honor once again of participating in the NWR Live Podcast Telethon for Child's Play. We were a bit later, and Stephen was broadcasting live from a campground, and Austen nearly didn't have internet, but we still gave a good hour of discussion about what makes Nintendo's IP tick.

If you want to hear the whole (13.5 hour! And you thought WE went long!) telethon archive click here. Donald is all over part 4, including dropping some HAWT TAKES. And go to childsplaycharity.org if you want to give to the kids now that the NWR donation box is closed.

This podcast was recorded on December 5 and was edited by... well, it's a dump of the telethon audio.


Might as well get the jokes out of your system.

Apologies for the late show, but something came up for the editor. The fun begins in this funny-numbered episode with New Business that has a heavy November 10 focus. Stephen has Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void as the trilogy in five parts continues, and also discusses the (now funded) Indivisible, back when that sort of thing was in doubt. Donald got in some Yo-Kai Watch and a quick Stella Glow update, but the main game(s) are the various versions of Rodea the Sky Soldier from the November 10 brigade. Austen talks the odd RPGs in the form of Ar No Surge+, and finishes with the last November 10 title Superbeat Xonic.

Whatcha Watchin' opens with a Parasyte and superhero updates (Supergirl, Flash... and the BluRay of Justice League Unlimited), then Austen brings it home with Constantine - which isn't a superhero show - the Peanuts Movie, and Danganronpa: The Animation.

A special double Feature deals first with a bunch of Activision news, including another frickin' cinematic universe before we play the most lethal game of all: Skylander or King Game? Then, Donald tries to defend the indefensible (which he also did in written form) by way of Cloud hitting Smash in the last Nintendo Direct... but who cares, THERE'S TWO DRAGON QUESTS COMING!!! Finally, the Mushrooms wrap it up with a callout of hypocrisy, a deal gone awry and Stephen's beating an important goal.

We'll be talking about Xenoblade Chronicles X among other things on the next show, but you can read Donald's NWR review or check out his video discussion with NWR director Neal Ronaghan. But we need a favor from you - the 6th annual NWR telethon for Child's Play is coming up, and we're later than usual this year. If you want to hear us talking about Splatoon and what could come up with Nintendo's future IPs, get to donating! It's for the kids! And if we break the NWR telethon record ($7250), Donald will play one of the most controversial games in Nintendo history to completion. He didn't suffer Majora's Mask last year, so how about some Skyward Sword?

This podcast was recorded on November 15 and was edited by Donald Theriault.


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