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For the sake of time, we had to cut this Listener Mail from the episode 35 we recorded this evening, but I didn't want to lose the information that's contained within. So presented for your information, a lesson on the Gianna Sisters that will flow into something I play in an upcoming New Business. - Donald

Hello NFR,
I listened to episode 32 today which I had eagerly awaited for some time now. Thanks Austen, for pushing this episode through what seemed like a more painful editing process than usual according to your Twitter feed.
I am happy about the conversation it started, about different gaming preferences in general and an interesting excursion into early 90s PC gaming (yeay, Wing Commander!). And I still find it fascinating how you all were untouched by any home computer experience.
I don't know if you caught the whole inside joke of Gianna Sisters vs. Mario Brothers. So just in case you didn't know about this interesting little story, here it is: in 1987, when Super Mario Brothers was huge on the NES in the US, nobody could really play it in Germany, because nobody had an NES. While everybody did have a C64 it was pretty clear, that Nintendo would not port it to the C64 and there was also a general lack of jump&run on that system anyway. So the German studio Rainbow Arts published the original "The Great Gianna Sisters" which looked very, very similar to "Super Mario Brothers". Check out the full story at
and go here for some game-play footage
While it was a blatant rip-off of Super Mario Bros., it was a very well executed game. Chris Hülsbeck's soundtrack probably beats the NES's Super Mario one. The game was taken off the shelfs pretty quickly, but by that time it was too late, as it had already spread to the school-recess-peer-to-peer network. You brought your friend a box of 10 5,25" disks and next day you got it back with the newest stuff. The whole concept of ever paying for software was completely alien to us back then which is another big Germany (Europe)-US difference worth looking into, because I am sure must it have had implications on the gameplay experience as well. Tons of games to choose from, but try for example to find out what to do in "Impossible Mission" with very little knowledge of the English language AND no manual.
So the Gianna Sisters were literally our Mario. Eventually with the arrival of the Gameboy, which was widely adopted here, we discovered Mario as well. I did see that they put "Gianna Sisters" on the DS and that some German dudes even had a Kickstarter for what turned out to be a pretty decent game, but of course the original C64 game has the interesting background story. Donald, let me know what you think about "Twisted Dreams". I myself didn't even catch the connection between the two games until a few years ago: "Mario", to most generic Italian first name vs. "Gianna", probably after Gianna Nannini an Italian singer which was huge right around that time.
Thanks for your advice on "Chrono Trigger". I was set on playing it on my (3)DS, but maybe I should play it on the SNES emulator for my PSP instead. I played through "Earthbound" on it and it worked great. Also, Earthbound, the only JRPG I ever played. I do not have a Wii, let alone a Wii U and I like the portable options so I guess that limits it.
That's it for my follow-up to my listener mail with a little Mario anecdote you maybe didn't know about. I would have emailed you guys directly, but the NFR address is the only one I have.
Looking forward to the next episode.
Have a great weekend,

Neither length of episode nor PC near-death experience can stop this episode from launching!

For this episode, we have made two pieces of history. The first is that we have a guest from outside the NWR family, as RPGamer forum admin/RPGCast regular Anna Marie Privitere lent several hours of her time to talk shop with us, and the second is that the editor nearly split the show in two until the final product wouldn't set a record for longest episode ever.

First up, it's all New Business led off by Anna's look back at the alchemic action of Atelier Meruru (you can see her entire playthrough here) and finds out if they passed Soul Society in the DS tactical RPG Bleach: The 3rd Phantom. Austen picks up the RPG torch with early impressions of Final Fantasy X HD and the multi-ethnic group action of Infamous: Second Son. Stephen goes to the wall for impressions of Pokemon Battle Trozei, a game so addictive it literally kept Donald up all night, before clicking into Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and infecting parts of the rest of the show. Finally, Donald proves that even shonen soccer has crap officiating in Inazuma Eleven (3DS), before dropping a truth bomb (and making a business deal) on Yoshi's New Island.

For the second half of the show, it's everything else's time to shine. Anna opens with the Lifetime comedy Drop Dead Diva, which somehow manages to combine 2014's Whatcha Watchin' into one show, and also watched some Bleach to follow up from earlier. Donald engaged in time travel with a wrapup of Steins;Gate, while Austen finished off his Robotics;Notes from 32 and managed to squeeze in the entire run of Veronica Mars including the Kickstarted movie. Stephen finishes with another selection from his haunted Netflix queue, bring Sword Art Online from the land of the Magic Waifu before a discussion of Captain America: Winter Soldier dives headfirst into a discussion of the role of movies in the Marvel universe.

For the Feature Discussion, there is an extended look at recent statements made by SquareEnix on the nature of their business going forward (source article translation: http://www.siliconera.com/2014/03/31/bravely-defaults-success-west-making-square-enix-rethink-jrpgs/) along with some information on the difficulty of getting niche titles on Virtual Console from someone who is asked about it quite frequently. An extra-large order of Mushrooms finishes the show as Atlus, EA, Blizzard, and frequent punching bags Sony all get rapidly fired at.

The plan for next episode is to catch up on some Listener Mail, so would you kindly drop us a line to nintendofreeradio@gmail.com or leave a comment here? You can also find Anna most weeks on the RPGCast or streaming RPGs - follow her on Twitter @amprivitere for updates on her streaming schedule.

This podcast was edited by Donald Theriault. All music contained is used for discussion context under fair use protection. Yoshi's New Island went for $18 USD.

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All celebrity voices are impersonated. Poorly. This podcast took forever to edit and should be listened to by everyone.

There's something slightly... off... about this episode of NFR, and we can't quite place what it is. Is it Donald leading off New Business with a western-developed 360 RPG in South Park: The Stick of Truth? If not, maybe the game this one ACTUALLY borrows from will frighten you. Austen picks up the western torch with SquareEnix's Thief reboot, before violating the first rule of NFR and talking about an iOS game... thankfully, it's tied to PS4 launch platformer Knack, so it's OK. Sort of. Stephen finishes with impressions of the soon-to-go-F2P MMO Wildstar and Vita hunting game Ragnarok Oddysey. There's a third game for Stephen, but we'll get to that later.

After Now Posted sells out, Whatcha Watchin' hits up recent controversy as the sanctity of game shows is placed in Jeopardy by a ten-day champ, Stephen enrolls the crew in The Guild and gives spoiler-free impressions of Japan's biggest anime hit in years, Attack on Titan. Austen keeps the anime love going with the answer to the  most important question of all: Is This A Zombie? Finally, we return to late 80s animation for An American Tail on its recent BluRay release.

In the Feature Discussion, Lightning returns... and  this time, it doesn't get outsold by Bravely Default. Topics on the dock: Game of the Decade, the role of spokespeople, game pricing, and games we're sick of hearing about. The Mushrooms deliver a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week for a frequent target, live Mario Kart in Austin, and hit some "recent" game announcements... and stay tuned after the outro, as Stephen played Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and the crew breaks into an extended, spoiler filled discussion of the game's merits before executing a noted NWR forum loon. To which we say, he had it coming.

Want to help spread the word about the show? Use our new, actually easy to say shortlink at http://bit.ly/nfradiopodcast or drop a review into your podcatcher of choice if available! Perhaps you could send us an email as well; the address is still nintendofreeradio@gmail.com. Until next time... "YOU FOOL!!"

This podcast was edited by Stephen Shook, Donald Theriault, and Austen Parkin, and recorded on March 15 so all information is accurate as of that date. All music and clips are used in fair use to provide context for the discussion.

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From the First World Problems Department, there were WAY too many games in February 2014!

Editors Note: This is the first of two recent NFR episodes that have been stuck in the editing backlog. The other should be out within the next week or so.

We're warning you up front: There's a lot of games up in this here episode, and the oldest one we cover is a little over six months old. Stephen opens the bidding in New Business with Level 5's rhythm comedy 3DS game Weapon De Omasse Shop, which will no doubt be on sale in an eShop near you shortly, then blasts away our expectations for Killzone Mercenary and finishes by Russian into the PS4 version of Strider. Although nobody asked for Donald's list, he takes Deus Ex: Human Revolution (WiiU) for a spin before tackling Bravely Default and recommending one character in particular for a good booting. To finish, Donald goes ape over Retro's greatest game ever [citation needed], Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropcial Freeze. Austen gets his inner vampire on with Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2, revisits his old friend Elle in The Last of Us: Left Behind, and takes Donald to trial for not playing enough Danganronpa. 

After a brisk visit to the forums for Now Posted, the group calls an audible to try and finish the show quickly so Stephen blasts through a considerable Whatcha Watchin' list that includes the following: The incredibly redundant Legend of Legendary Heroes, Kenchi: Mightiest Disicple, Kaze no Stigma, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, House of Cards (S2), The Lego Movie and an Olympic update. Donald shows off a wrestling  show you DON'T want to end up on with Botchamania, and plays the role of Oracle of Delphox as a critical eye is cast upon the Mankeys in Twitch Plays Pokemon. Austen has a brief stop at Steins;Gate sequel Robotics;Notes, in which you can apparently build a walking mecha for US$10,000. Find out how on this podcast. 

Listener Mail had to be reduced for time considerations, but the crew does present advice to a listener in Germany who lacks console experience and wants to try Chrono Trigger, as well as looks at their history with PC gaming. Finally, the Mushrooms call out Nintendo, Spike Chunsoft, Sony and Namco and we dare you to guess which one ends up with the 1up from that group. 

We still want to hear from you, so send any feature ideas, feedback and fun to nintendofreeradio@gmail.com or leave it in the comments below. Also, Donald didn't completely ruin a recent episode of Radio Free Nintendo (http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/36690/episode-372-mystic-quest-is-not-okay) so be sure to listen to that when you're done if you haven't already! 

This episode was produced by Austen Parkin, Stephen Shook and Donald Theriault. All music is used for discussion purposes under Fair Use provisions. Praise be unto Helix. And yes, we know this episode was extraordinarily late.

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There was a feature here. It's gone now. Please understand.

Into every life a little podcast must fall - for certain definitions of little. Nintendo Free Radio is back with a brisk jaunt through the world of games, starting in New Business with Donald's first non-douche early impressions of Tales of Xillia. After that, come along to the Pokemon Bank and marvel at the service's eerie similarities to (insert crap bank of choice here) before skating away at extreme speeds in OlliOlli. Austen keeps the handheld train rolling with Everyday Shooter, then transitions into Vita puzzler Surge Deluxe and cross-platform psychoanalysis program Doki Doki Universe, before taking aim at villianry in episode 2 of Telltale's Wolf Among Us. Stephen, not to be outdone, takes another crack at Walking Dead and finds the rarest specimen of all: A platform where Walking Dead exists WITHOUT game-breaking bugs.

We always think Whatcha' Watchin is going to be short, then the recording happens. Donald has brief impressions on perennial NFR favourite Steins;Gate, Austen follows up on Clannad with the postscript Clannad:Love Story and finds out that Justice League: War is good for absolutely nothing before finding something decent to watch in Kokoro Connect. Speaking of decency, Stephen continues to make the tragic mistake of leaving his selections up to the horndog Netflix algorithim, as his contribution is the "life" laden Sekirei.

We swear, this time around the Feature Discussion was going to blow your mind, make you change your pants and lead to Mother 3 on Virtual Console. Unfortunately, Iwata chose to cash in the Please Understand contract right after recording, so the crew gathered immediately following the February 13 Nintendo Direct for a round of off-the-cuff impressions. Find out how much Donald spent that day (a lot), if Stephen's on the X bandwagon (maybe?) and if Nintendo going free-to-play is sinking to new depths. Finally, the Mushrooms have a farewell to podcasts, a call to action, and a tribute to... high speed network cable. Yeah, it's been that kind of week.

Next time 'round we're going to be emptying out the listener mailbag, so be sure to get your questions in to nintendofreeradio@gmail.com - or leave them below. Until next time, consider this... can love bloom on a baseball diamond?

This podcast was edited by Donald Theriault. All music is used under fair use protection. Mrgrgr.

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Ecchi, grinding and tanuki – just another episode from the Land of the Rising Sun 

As the post-Christmas game drought begins to wind down, let Nintendo Free Radio be your guide through the perils of this little industry of ours. Stephen leads off New Business with impressions of the game that unleashed Kickstarter on the world, Broken Age before getting his cheap tower defense on in PixelJunk Monsters HD… and given his television preferences, it’s no surprise that he also picked up eShop food service sim Brunch Panic. Donald, having only now gotten over a long cold, had no choice but to see… Dr. Luigi! Also, he attempts to make Austen sick by talking Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on behalf of the Anti-Social Gamers of North America. Austen counters with the power of broken street dates with Tomb Raider: Enhanced Edition and folklore by looking at the DLC for Muramasa Rebirth before wrapping with impressions of the FFXIII: Lightning Returns demo that include some content that may have jacked up the ESRB rating. 

Following the insanity and possible quality content of Now Posted, Donald opens Whatcha Watchin with a Price is Right episode that hits a little close to home for one member of the team, followed by a trip to the Danger Zone with Archer. Stephen demonstrates the danger of letting Netflix pick anime for you as he hits in sequence Welcome to the NHK, Heaven’s Lost Property and Okami-san And Her Seven Companions, while Austen knocks Clannad, Good Luck Girl! and Hunger Games: Catching Fire off the backlog. 

This time around, the Feature is the impending tidal wave of games that will both amaze and bankrupt you. The crew gives predictions for what will actually sell and what will end up in a bomba bin by Memorial Day, and someone has apparently developed an immunity to the stupid naming conventions of the Atelier series. In the Mushrooms we mourn the passing of Justin “JewWario” Carmichael and net neutrality, among other topics. 

Want us to discuss something on the show? Have an idea about just what the hell a “quality of life” platform is? We want to hear it! Send it to nintendofreeradio@gmail.com or leave it below. Until next time, be sure to keep coming for more episodes (PHRASING – Ed).

Editor's Note: My Apologies for the late episode. It's been a rough last few weeks.

This podcast was edited by Donald Theriault and Austen Parkin. All music is used under fair use provisions. Rod Roddy only did a half-spin in his grave. 

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http://handheldgamingawards.blogspot.com/ - Donald’s side project

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 Listener discretion is advised. This episode may not be safe for your sanity.

Hot off a holiday break and fresh from "The Happiest Petri Dish on Earth", it's Nintendo Free Radio's first recorded episode of 2014. And we have a big release right out of the hopper in New Business, as Donald recounts his experience with Disaster: Day of Crisis before heading into his comfort zone with the demo for Square/Nintendo's upcoming life-destroying RPG Bravely Default. Stephen had some more time to play over the holidays, so his card is filled with Pac-Man's Ghostly Adventure (bad cartoon opening warning), the closest thing you'll ever see to F-Zero in this decade with the Vita's Wipeout 2048, and gets his platforming  on with Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. A side discussion of DGOTY Super Mario 3D World is also there, with a stunning character reveal. Austen brings it home with final thoughts on Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, the PSP (yes, they still make those) visual novel Sweet Fuse... and a game so horrible and awful it had Donald spamming the "drop cow" button. We're not going to spoil it here except to say it has come up on extremely early episodes of the show and never fails to bring the house down. Or in this case, the beef.

Whatcha Watchin'  is pretty packed for just a 2/3 activity rate, as Stephen gets his explosion on in Mythbusters, updates us on life in the bakery with Cake Boss and goes north of the border with Lost Girl. Austen, ever the Disney fan, looks at a fanciful version of the development of a Disney classic with Saving Mr Banks, gets some OK advice from an unlikely source for Pushing Daisies and finishes in an elementary fashion with British import Sherlock (no major S3 spoilers, but 1-2 are fair game.)

With a new year comes the need to clear out the inbox, and so we have some Listener Mail. First is a listener who you may know from the telethon, Donald knows personally, and who could one day become our Tony Reali. As well, we play Gaming Hot Stove in this apparent off-season for releases and send games to developers who might treat them right. Finally, the Mushrooms feature love for a key video feature and a hack for avoiding massive photography charges should you ever have to go to the aforementioned petri dish.

The inbox is empty, so would you kindly email nintendofreeradio@gmail.com with what you'd like to talk about?

This podcast was edited by Donald Theriault and Austen Parkin. All music in this episode is the property of its owner and used under Fair Use protection.

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Team NFR counts down their top 5 games of 2013, and other bits of history! 

The moment you've all been waiting for a whole year has arrived It's time for the real lists of Game of the Year!  Accept no low Calorie substitutes.  Surely you'll find something to agree with as Donald, Austen, and Stephen get together over the holidays - literally, for the first two - and record a glowing tribute to their favorite games of the year. Did Austen's list have a game not on a Sony platform on it? Why did Donald bring a lightsaber to the recording? How is babby formed? Did Stephen give a #1 this time? WAS THIS THE REAL REASON FOR THE POLAR VORTEX?  Most of those questions are answered early and then we couldn't help ourselves  and went Beyond the Top 5. 

The second segment keeps the traditional order, but with an end-of-year twist as the group gives Whatcha Watchin' the top 5 treatment. Be amazed at what movie ranks ahead of a Peter Jackson epic. In the Feature slot, we mock and discuss our own Predictions for 2013 and stick our necks on the line for 2014. Finally, the Mushrooms round out the year on an odd note with eShops crashing and a free drink for those playing the NFR drinking game. 

2014 is on its way, and we arrogate what you puny fleshlin... I mean Listeners want us to talk about in this new 2014 NFR Reign - so send your listener mail to nintendofreeradio@gmail.com or leave it right here.

This show was edited by Austen Parkin. All music used is under Fair Use Protection. And go buy the Frozen Soundtrack before we're forced to sic the Mattricks on you!

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(What's the deal with Sand Guys wearing speedos, anyway? Fix this)

So you might have heard that some games actually came out recently, and of course Nintendo Free Radio has returned to discuss EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Stephen fires the opening New Business salvo with the newest adventure/octopus collection game, The Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds. Is it more Link to the Past or Majora's... Wand of Gameleon? On the November 22 tip, Donald chooses to lead with the other big Nintendo release that racked up critical acclaim, Super Mario 3D World - truly the perfect capper for this Year of Luigi. Austen, sick of the Nintendo love-in, discusses the creative 3D Vita platformer Tearaway and the PS4 version of Assassin's Creed IV - as well as a shocking, big money purchase that will blow your mind.

Following up from an extra large, action packed Now Posted, Whatcha Watchin' starts with a historic look back at the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and the cyborg action of Fox's Almost Human from Stephen. Donald gets GROOVY~ with the best thing to ever come out of Earthworm Jim, and Austen watched #VGX and lived to tell the tale. We don't know why either.

After much debate on its release date, release, and teasing of its discussion, the crew finally gets around to talking about Earthbound in the Feature Discussion. When you've got a writer of the most redundant strategy guide in history, a person who doesn't like being nagged about his playtime and someone who spent most of the game getting raked over the coals by the RNG, the fur and threats against developers will fly. In the Mushrooms, we talk scheduling, bad Youtube videos, and Donald quotes noted modern philosopher Phil Brooks.

Due to host travel and general timing, our next recording will be the 2013 Game of the Year show - and we definitely want to hear from you! Send your top 5 lists of games that released in your region to nintendofreeradio@gmail.com to have them used on the show. Also, that show will feature something historic - but nobody will be Regulating. (We leave that to the big show.)

This show was edited by Austen Parkin. All music used is under Fair Use protection. Say Fuzzy Pickles!

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Recorded live for the kids, it's a very special edition of Nintendo Free Radio!

Thanks to the efforts of you guys, Nintendo World Report has raised nearly $7200 for Child's Play and as a result, we got to talk 3DS with you and Nintendo World Report director Neal Ronaghan for nearly an hour this weekend!

You can still donate until November 30, so get moving if you haven't already!

Topics of discussion include how awesome was the 3DS (so awesome), nasty trivia questions, and... My Little Baby 3D. No, we're not making that up. And it's not the sole reason this show isn't suitable for all ages, surprisingly.

Also, we are still talking Earthbound next show - but you now have until the weekend of December 7 to send us your memories and thoughts. So get cracking!

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