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Big Block of Cheese Day is Andrew Jackson's sole contribution to society.

(Apologies in advance, but Donald's microphone had an issue until the end of New Business. It was dealt with from there, and the persons responsible were promptly sacked.)

A quick episode gets a quick turnaround on Nintendo Free Radio, as we keep it all about the games. Donald takes the lead in New Business with the biggest game of the day, Dragon Quest VII. Will it win Best Remake by default, or is an hour and a half too long to wait for a slime to approach? Donald has also acquired a Xbox 360, so we hammer through some game library suggestions for those who are a decade late to the party, before ending on Noitu Love: Devolution. Stephen has been playing SteamWorld Tower Defense to get ready for the upcoming Wii U version of Heist, and he finds it a tad irritating. As a result, he jumps to join Austen in a massive post-update round of Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (100% K-Log free). Austen has a quick collection of smaller downloads and disc games including Bioshock Even More HD, a game that will probably get someone sued when it hits the Vita, and PacMan Championship Edition 2.

A brief Whatcha Watchin' covers a couple of chron-gaming projects and Star Wars Rebels before we dip into the West Wing for the feature. Yep, it's the return of the two-ton block of cheese, with nutball groups including TGS, the lack of an NX announcement, and a company apparently interested in killing itself. The Mushrooms are heavy on the Poison side, nut we do come up with a 1up at the end.

If there's anything you've wanted to know or want us to cover, leave a comment below, hit us up on the Twitters or drop us an email!

This podcast was recorded on September 18 and was edited by Donald Theriault.


Because there's absolutely no RPGs coming out right now, we recommend a dose of Nintendo Free Radio. New Business is a largely two-man affair following a brief Monster Hunter Generations update from Stephen. Donald spent the ideal amount for Skylanders SuperChargers but may have been screwed by his choice of platform, but he's OK with it since he got a hold of the consensus 2016 Game of the Year. Yes, Metroid Prime Federation Force is out and Donald brings the praise in his usual understated fashion. Since Austen never asked for this, he's playing a recent Deus Ex game... in Deus Ex Go. Following an update on his progress in a console version (Human Revolution), he finishes with PS4 indie game Valley. Despite comparisons to Metroid Prime (the original), it might actually be good.

Whatcha Watchin' has Stephen exploring the life of Sinbad in Magi: Sinbad, before Donald talks commercial tie-ins again with Persona 5: Daybreakers. Thankfully, this OVA doesn't spoil. As a follow-up from last episode, Austen tuned into some animated busting in The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters, as well as a cautionary tale on executive meddling.

For the Feature, the team re-assembled following a long week of presentations to talk the Nintendo Direct, the Sony conference (and various things surrounding it) and the first and last time we'll cover an Apple dog and pony show unless they bring back the iPod Classic. (With a 3.5mm headphone jack, kthnx.) The Mushrooms hit a price increase and other problems with Sony, but also folders. Finally.

If you have something you want us to hit, be sure to hit us up by email, Twitter or drop it below!

- Donald's Power Disc Slam and Market Crashers reviews
- Daan Koopman presents The Worst of Skunk Software: Piano Teacher, The Skunk Bundle, Games for Toddlers, Super Hero Math
- NintendoLife: Exploring the Licensed Content in RCMADIAX Games on the Wii U and New 3DS eShop

This podcast was recorded on September 5/8 and was edited by Donald Theriault.


Seriously, this might be the longest discussion of Battleborn ever.

Well muchachos, you asked for it: another Nintendo Free Radio has taken the air. Stephen's moving precluded him from much New Business, though he did give a brief overview of his Monster Hunter Generations progress. Donald tries to wrangle the team through discussions of 7th Dragon III Code: VfD, a couple of review games (Ambition of the Slimes, Tadpole Treble), the Blast Ball part of 2016 Game of the Year Metroid Prime Federation Force and... Minecraft. Yes, Minecraft. Like the game itself, it didn't last long. Austen has some brief mentions including Yooka-Laylee's Toybox demo, but his main event is Battleborn. 115 hours worth of non-whiny penguins, insane AI and stupid leveling systems.

Whatcha Watchin' opens with Stephen talking Beat Bugs (Netflix) before engaging in a 4x100 relay with Donald on the Olympics (we recorded on Day 9). Donald wanted to keep his conversations short... and failed miserably since he made the mistake of dredging up The Force Awakens for another beating before going to the one movie more controversial than that: Ghostbusters (2016). The end result: One new crush, one whipping.

The Feature discussion is normally related to our anniversary, as we dust off the first episode's feature and discuss games we're hyped for for the rest of the year. Note that at time of recording, Deus Ex: I Never Asked For This and Federation Force weren't out yet. The Mushrooms include the Final Fantasy XV delay that was all over but the shouting, Donald never darkening a doorstep again, and Stephen getting free surround sound equipment.

You've got a little time to get your feedback to us for the next show, so drop it to the usual places or leave it below!

This podcast was edited on August 14 and was edited by Donald Theriault, as the last thing he did as a 31 year old.


The reasons for the long delay are... complex.

Following an unexpected summer hiatus due to various moving related concerns, Nintendo Free Radio has returned. And as befitting the first episode following E3, it's a massive New Business segment. Stephen's visiting arcades, then cursing the lack of Farfetch'd outside of Asia in Pokémon Go. (This is all prior to the update that made the game LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE, by the way.) Following a long session of Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, Stephen brings it home with Monster Hunter Generations. Donald grabs the portable baton and tries (badly) to talk Austen off the ledge over Zero Time Dilemma (if you want spoilers, we have that covered), then settles into a three week Fire Emblem Fates bender that covers all three paths. But the main event is the Non-Spite Game of the Year, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. Austen tries to stay cool in the Florida heat with I Am Setsuna, but he did play Mighty No 9 as well. Find out if it's better than nothing. New Business wraps with extended impressions of a shooter that released in May... we're talking about Battleborn, of course. What did you think he played? Oh, that one. It comes up too.

Whatcha Watchin' sees Stephen investigate CBS drama in Person of Interest, before Austen checks out a couple of movies that made a lot of bloody money in China: Warcraft and Batman v Superman before swearing fealty to an Empire of Corpses. Donald lost his damn fool mind sometime around Canada Day, and the result is his contribution to WW: Yuri Kuma Arashi. All you need to know is the localized title would be "Lesbian Bear Storm". The crew then forgoes the feature and hits the Mushrooms which include moving, court proceedings and a pointed rant about a Canadian shipping company.

Next time - whenever that is, for reasons that will become clear at the end of the episode - we will try to handle the top 5 games we're excited for the rest of the year. If you have a list, send it to us by the usual methods (Twitter, email, or leave it below).

This podcast was recorded on July 24 and edited by Donald Theriault.


The deceased will deliver the eulogy, and those in attendance will have a couple of hours for rebuttal.

The last show before E3 sees RPGamer co-owner / RPGCast regular Anna Marie Privitere return after an appearance on Episode 34 to talk games and the state of E3. Donald opens New Business with a brief NES mention before hitting his main event of Zero Escape: 999 and Virtue's Last Reward (including a Platinum trophy that will likely be his last). Anna then brings the maiden RPG love with Omega Quintet, which appears to be the result of sticking Disgaea, Stella Glow and a PS4 in a blender on puree. After that, we break down everything coming out in June for the role-playing fans (spoilers: A LOT). Stephen gets the dreaded montage as he played some, um, interesting things with his new fight stick, while Austen has been hitting the sauce in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine before hitting the links for a little Dangerous Golf. It's golf made by the team who did Burnout 3. Need we say more?

A brief Whatcha Watchin' ensues following the golf trip with Anna trying out "Diplomacy and Chili" with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Following a superhero block (including Captain America: Civil War) Donald keeps his streak alive with early impressions of Archer Season 6 - or should we say, Archer: Other M.

But you're here for the big E3 preview and the crew does not disappoint. We make some predictions for the conferences - and like last year, some of them haven't been proven wrong yet. As well, we look at the state of E3 in an increasingly video-obsessed world. The Mushrooms prove one of Donald's predictions wrong while at the same time discuss the state of online conversation about localization, the joys of game collecting and... THAT trailer. Jon Stewart guest stars.

The next show for us is the E3 recap, so please look forward to it, and send us things to talk about if the show's just going to get spoiled beforehand! You can find Anna on Twitter @amprivitere, on the RPGCast most weeks at rpgamer.com or twitch.tv/rpgamer - where you'll also find the archive of Omega Quintet streams.

This podcast was recorded on June 5 and was edited by a hay-fever afflicted Donald Theriault.


This recording was meant to be a tribute to Alan Young, but connection issues made it out to Chuck Barris.

Let's not mince words: This episode went poorly. The night of saw rampant internet issues, and the editor's come down with some sort of whooping cough, but we still want to get this out before the E3 preview show records. Stephen passed on New Business, so Donald tackles a couple of Vita hits of late 2015 with returning champion Superbeat Xonic and 2016 GOTY candidate (by virtue of a December 22/15 release date) Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. Austen's big games were another Vita RPG in Ray Gigant (not recommended except for Kairon) and Valkyria Chronicles now on PS4. Also mentioned: Pocket Card Jockey, Project X Zone 2, Dark Souls The Third and Uncharted 4.

Most of Whatcha Watchin was taken up by a nearly 50 minute look at RahXephon (which you can get here), but Donald knocked an item off the anime bucket list with Persona 4: The Animation while Austen braved Hideki Anno on the good drugs to watch Evangelion 3.33. On two hours sleep. The poor sod.

The Feature discussion gives props to some of the under-appreciated games of 2016 that probably won't come back around, before swinging into a quick temperature check of where console gaming is going this year. Common complaint: Not enough time. In the Mushrooms, we bid farewell to a Disney icon, Disney Infinity, and Disney taking any risks.

The next episode is the inevitable - and possibly the last? - E3 preview show, so if you have any bets you want the crew to take, send them to us by the usual methods. The next record date is this coming Sunday, June 5, so think real fast.

This podcast was recorded on May 22 and was edited by Donald Theriault. For the record, that was the night Draymond Green hoofed a guy in the nuts.


This is a dummy post for the RSS feed.


On the plus side, Donald can put his LA money into a new podcasting setup.

Following a very rough couple of weeks, it takes a nice, long episode of Nintendo Free Radio to let the crew decompress. Donald, having run out of fks to give about Langrisser Re:Incarnation -TENSEI- (his review runs down the crimes) for New Business, hits the Sega 3D Classics Collection in search of a good title and actually succeeded. Stephen has some brief mentions including Overwatch's beta, but his big hits are Ratchet and Clank plus Star Fox Zero (+a little bit of Guard from Donald). Austen, nonplussed, completes a long-standing objective before hitting the latest Vita exclusive (for now) Severed and dives into The Magic Circle... with interesting results.

Whatcha Watchin opens with a look at life as number 2 with HBO's political comedy Veep, while Stephen takes the law into his own hands with Daredevil (S2). Austen ends up completing a rare tri(de)fecta before running into Tokyo Ghoul and taking in the Ratchet and Clank movie (based on the game based on the movie) and based on box office receipts, he's about the only one.

The Feature discussion was going to talk Zelda, but then Nintendo went and lost their damn minds again. Telling E3 where to go (aside from Zelda)? Launching the NX in 2017? Putting Fire Emblem on mobile? A gobsmacked team tries to break it all down. The Mushrooms include the return of the popular "Fun with Preorders" segment, a word about fetishizing crunch, and words of praise for sales.

We'll have more to talk about in a couple of weeks, but send us some questions, comments, complaints, etc by responding below, tweeting @nfrpodcast or shooting us an email!

This podcast was recorded on May 1 and edited by Donald Theriault.


Contains the longest Mushroom ever

Before we begin, a warning: With one exception, we have left the explicit tag on for this one as there are some issues that we need to talk about that definitely aren't family friendly.

In New Business, Donald brushes off Miitomo in order to talk about a trio of Legend of Zelda games: Hyrule Warriors Legends, the de facto New 3DS exclusive, a surprising over-performer in Twilight Princess HD, and a brief pitstop in Link to the Past as an actual New 3DS exclusive. Stephen played the Platinum demo of Final Fantasy XV since that didn't take long, then decided to go fishing with Big the Cat for some crazy reason. Austen's menu includes gun-toting roguelikes with insane progression requirements (Enter the Gungeon), a blatant marketing attempt that will do better than its co-production (Ratchet and Clank 2016), a game that is the last gasp of TVTVSportsTV Microsoft (Quantum Break) and a game that don't give a f**k (Plants v Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, which shouts out to K-Log).

Whatcha Watchin' includes a superhero run, followed by Stephen getting all up in the Zach Miller department with The Good Dinosaur. Donald counters the superheroes with... wrestlers emerging from cereal boxes devoted to a certain body part in the Shaymin Sports-Ent Minute, before getting thrown out of the show as he's Expelled from Paradise. Austen blasted through Psycho-Pass season 2, but follows that with the long-awaited extended breakdown of The Force Awakens. If you're trying to stay spoiler-pure, you'll need to jump ahead about 25 minutes.

Because Whatcha Watchin' went long, we had to forego the feature which would have ran through the state of the Legend of Zelda series - and that's not going to be on 77 either. Instead, it's straight to the Mushrooms which Austen and Stephen tackle quickly, but Donald has the longest Mushroom in history as they break down everything known (at the time) about the Alison Rapp affair. Thankfully, SquareEnix is always around to provide a nice antidote.

Our next show will record shortly and is going to break down some recent changes to a host's travel plans, but be sure to get in your comments and questions. Also, the show ran a little late as Donald is editing NWR's Connectivity after an injury, so go check out episode 202 to see his handiwork.

This podcast was recorded on April 15 and edited by Donald Theriault.


One day, we'll get to the pay windah if you weeeeeel.

Donald was a little under the weather the night of recording, so this is a slightly abbreviated episode 75 - no Whatcha Watchin', for one thing. Instead, Donald fires up New Business with a look at the dark side of Fire Emblem Fates in Conquest, after a big fat wedding in Birthright. Following some quick hits, Donald and Stephen form North American Alpha to tackle the two-man job that is Pokkén Tournament. Stephen gets the hot tag and tackles the original demo for Final Fantasy XV before hitting something quite unusual: A Telltale game that doesn't crash, and a Minecraft game that's only a slight affront to game programming (Minecraft Story Mode). Austen's brief mentions lead into a game that can be easily confused with the Internet in Salt and Sanctuary before addressing the PlayStation 3/Vita/some other thing strategy game Aegis of Earth - with its flagrant ripping off of music.

Since there's no Whatcha Watchin', it's straight into a bunch of quick hits including PlayStation VR, the PS4k, rumor cat ownage and a legal case that may never get off the ground involving a game critic. (Disclaimer: Donald started backing Jim effing Sterling SON because of the threat of legal action.) The Mushrooms cover FLCL's apparent return, a rough season in the gastrointestinal area, and the continued heel turn of a noted racist, jack.

We're almost caught up on the backlog, with just a GOTY show to go, so drop us a line if you want us to cover something on Interstate '76!

This podcast was recorded on March 25 and was edited by Donald Theriault. We need more Brock Lesnar bearhugs in our lives.


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