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Kept you waiting, didn't we?

The editing wormhole has finally closed for us as the last "lost" show, our E3 2016 recording back when we really didn't know what the NX was, and when Paper Mario Color Splash was still controversial instead of being y'know, good. We rant, we rave, and E3 still can't do press events. Go figure.


Hey, remember when we thought EA could have a press event?

The E3 show ended up being a tricker edit than the shows it discussed, but it's finally available for your perusal. The crew chats all of the E3 shows and videos in order: EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Devolver Digital, Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo. There was also some other news that surrounded the show, including Take Two's mod clampdown (since resolved), and another round of bile toward Konami. But it may not be the last E3 show we see this month...

The podcast was recorded on June 17 and edited by Donald Theriault and Austen Parkin.


It's no coincedence that the E3 preview show sets the Poison Mushroom record.

Some days, you just can't get rid of a bomb, despite the best efforts of the game industry starting from the day after this posts. So Nintendo Free Radio soldiers on. New Business sees Stephen get his rail on with Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, before Donald tags in for weekend 1 impressions from the Arms Testpunch and a portable strategy RPG block. Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and Disgaea 5 Complete all present different slants on the strategy RPG, and all came out within four days proving this business has no imagination. Austen got some role-playing on with Okage: Shadow King, then after a trip to the NBA Playgrounds (where the Mailman still doesn't deliver on Sundays) he finishes with future Switch title RIME.

The back end of the show got weird for Mushroom-discussed reasons, so Whatcha Watchin' got adjusted a bit. Donald deferred on Better Call Saul S2 and Stephen breezed past Logan to get to Lego Batman. Austen rips through most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe before heading over to Britian (Doctor Who), Polynesia (Moana) and a space station filled with crap movies (Mystery Science Theater 3000, both original and Kickstarter-powered revival).

The Feature discussion is the gaming industry's biggest millstone, E3. With the transition to PAX Southwest in progress, there's predictions ahoy - plus late breaking discussion of Nintendo's online service. The Mushrooms are heavy on the Poison, with special dispensation to Stephen's former AV program, Donald's most dreaded news story, and Square Enix. Because it's Square Enix.

The next show will be the E3 recap show, and if you spot something worth talking about there, sock it to us.

This podcast was recorded on May 30 / June 1 and was edited by Donald Theriault.


...and he got loose in the editing room.

It was a busy few weeks for the NFR crew in the lead-up to the summer, and we're breaking it down for you. Stephen opens New Business with Kaz's Folly, as he made the eye-searing purchase of Playstation VR. Many trials ensued. A very puzzled Donald got it out of his system with Puyo Puyo Tetris before diving into Nier Automata and a pair of pickled Persona: The endgame of 5, and then another crack at 3 Portable (that has since gone on hold for review purposes). Also included: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, because BAAAAAAA. Austen got psychological with Little Nightmares and freaky with Yooka-Laylee, before heading back to the horror house with What Remains of Edith Finch and some quick hits including the first part of the latest Telltale cash grab, Guardians of the Galaxy. This becomes important later.

Whatcha Watchin' sees Stephen keep on the VR train as it also serves as a 3D movie device before he tag teams the #1 movie in the country (on the weekend of its release), Dave Bautista's Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Austen then gets a little sacreligious with Noragami Aragoto and Sunday Without God before redeeming himself with Quantum Leap.

The Feature discussion is part of a new annual tradition as we look back at the first four months of the year in games and try to guess which won't get the love they deserve, and then turn the cannon the other way to guess the rest of the year of the ignored. In the Mushrooms, we talk New 2DS, bonuses, and why The Witcher 3 can jump off a cliff.

Next episode is the final Nintendo Free Radio E3 prediction show, and we want to know what you think will happen with the Nintendo Spotlight and the other overly long company dog and pony shows. Send us your predictions to us by email, Twitter (if they can fit in 140 characters) or just reply here.

This podcast was recorded on May 7 and was edited by Donald Theriault.


Let's grant Satan immense amounts of power while we're at it. What's the worst that could happen?

This edition of Nintendo Free Radio is probably going to have a lot of entries for Donald's GOTY list, if we're being honest. For New Business Stephen has played more of Breath of the Wild, including being ready for Ganon, while Donald dropped nearly 90 hours into Persona 5. (The game was completed a couple of days after we recorded, and NWR Patrons have access to a full review.) Austen was also into PS4 RPGs, but his are the nonsensical (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep) and the retro-inspired (Cosmic Star Heroine) before finishing with Bafmodads 2017, aka Yooka-Laylee. Not included, but desperately needed: Cars.

Whatcha Watchin' has Stephen cover Powerless, and in a sign that the TV industry is run by morons it's already been shelved. Austen has the 2017 Power Rangers movie at the right price, a quick hit on the Steins;Gate movie, and Mobile Suit Gundam: The 8th MS Team. Donald meanwhile got caught up in the NHL Playoffs, and apparently he jinxed things because the Leafs ended up losing three straight one-goal games (including two in overtime) while Austen's Jazz advanced in seven to get dealt with in Golden State's fo-fo-fo.

The Feature discussion whips around some news including the recent Nintendo Direct, the death of the NES Classic, the rebirth of Nintendo actually selling things that hook up to a TV, and Microsoft bailing on gaming in the form of Scorpio. The Mushrooms hit streaming restrictions (thankfully relaxed mostly on P5's part), Starcraft Remastered, and the continuing price nosedive of one of 2016's most despised games.

If you have something you want us to cover... especially since the last few weeks have been kind of slow in terms of news outside of earnings reports, then drop us a line, a Tweet or a comment below.

This podcast was recorded on April 17 and was edited by Donald Theriault.


One sounds like he's on drugs, another dropped for a half hour. How did this show release?

Following the stunning release of not one but two Game of the Year shows (you can grab 2015 and 2016 here if you missed them), the editing shabeen went into super lockdown trying to fix this episode of Nintendo Free Radio up. And they almost succeeded. New Business opens with Stephen tackling Starcraft (pre-remaster announcement) before Donald swings in with Austen's inevitable Game of the Year: The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. The impressions are early, so no spoilers, but someone's trying something inspired by the initials LKD. Austen doubles back to Horizon: Zero Dawn before hitting some of the backlog including noted bomb Mafia 3 before finishing with four replays worth of Resident Evil 7. (The DLC mentioned, Not A Hero, was delayed on posting day. Go figure.)

Whatcha Watchin' has Stephen and Austen discussing the merits of modern Disney in the context of them swimming in piles of money with Beauty and the Beast 2017, while Donald tries to avoid being left out by breaking the glass of children's card games: Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged is back.

The Feature, extra clippy thanks to Donald's continued rivalry with audio recording software, features the other reason why he's only catching up on Q1 now: PAX East. It was his first con, and possibly the last. The Mushrooms hit the usual suspects - internet witch hunts, retailer idiocy (though Amazon did make good with FREE Take Your Heart editions for those whose orders were cancelled) and the recesses of Stephen's Mushrooms.

Now that this monster has been slain, 92 (hopefully sounding WAY better) will follow shortly behind. If you're looking to get in on the road to 100, hit us up by email, Twitter or the comments below.

This podcast was recorded on March 19/20 and was edited by Donald Theriault.


Includes ice-cold Metacritic draft.

We waited until the end of the fiscal year but it's finally out - the 2016 Game of the Year show.

The first segment is our top 10s for the year with honorable mentions and a ranked 5-1 list, as well as awards such as "The Wonderful 101 Presents Best Soundtrack" and "Biggest Clusterditto". There will be spoilers in this segment, but for nothing more than Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The second part starts with a countdown on Whatcha Watchin' including a stunning reversal on bears, then we jump ahead to this year with a countdown of the 2017 games we were most hyped for. (Note we recorded this in February or the DQ8 3DS release would have been on Donald's list.) We close by playing the market a bit as we each picked five games that we think would have high Meta/Opencritic ratings. Stephen appears to be the clubhouse leader there.

We swear this will not happen again, if only for the sanity of the editors.

This podcast was recorded on February 19-20 2017.


When this was recorded, the album art was still a rumor.

No, seriously, we finally recovered the long lost 2015 Game of the Year recording from... lord, December 20, 2015. The show features a historic first, a Dragonite swarm, and discussion of the last bits of Smash DLC along with the year in review. (Maybe we should have held this out for the release of their Amiibo?)


The sudden dip into the backlog will make sense on April 1, we swear.

It's a rather depressed edition of Nintendo Free Radio delayed by PAX, audio issues, and the need to play some rather large games. Donald opens New Business with a bit of gacha good in Fire Emblem Heroes (still no bought orbs!) before a quick hit into a GOTY. Stephen takes out his "Game He Missed" with Crypt of the Necrodancer before Austen brings it to the break with Gravity Rush 2, the first of two nonsensical Kingdom Hearts collections that released this year, and early impressions of the game ten points worse than Zelda: Horizon Zero Dawn.

Whatcha Watchin' sees Stephen deal with the second largest threat to America again before Austen gets technical with the BluRay release of Quantum Leap and a couple of heroic items in the Lego Batman Movie and Justice Leage Dark. Donald abstained for reasons that will become clear...

...because he was focused on his shiny new (at the time) toy in the Nintendo Switch. Opening weekend impressions are the Feature topic, and those reviews are now available for your perusal. The Mushrooms keep the Switch train rolling with its technical shortcomings and journo poisonings, before Donald sets up the episode title with his weekend from hell. (Donations were appreciated, and most of the games affected have returned in one form or another.)

The feed will be jumping this weekend as not only will 91 be on the air, but a wormhole has opened in the editing bay...

This podcast was recorded on March 5 and edited by Donald Theriault.


In other math news, Stephen = (Donald + Austen)

Despite a technical hiccup in the recording booth, Nintendo Free Radio 89 is here for your eventual mockery. But first is a brief New Business as Stephen finally finished the first chapter of Dragon Quest Builders. Yes, it took that long. Donald jumps in with bar-filling and recipe discovery as among his brief mentions is the return of Final Fantasy XV (its last appearance until roughly April). Austen has some quick hits as well, including the finest use of a circular saw since Donald's shop class, Resident Evil 7.

Whatcha Watchin' is also brief, as Stephen is celebrating an anniversary with Luther while Donald double-dips on game show controversey with Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal and Major Fraud. See if you can spot which one was done by the production company. Austen remains in England as he talks both of the famous Holmes shows, Elementary and Sherlock.

The Feature is most of the show, so much that the recording jumped ahead three days in the middle. We look back at our ill-fated 2016 predictions, and make some new ones. Stephen is apparently trying to win on sheer volume, while Donald and Austen try to stick with things that will be proven right. Also, the Scorpio makes its first Price is Right appearance. Brief Mushrooms include a request for a disproval of Rule 34, hatred of Irwin R. Schyster, and a great voice actor possibly returning to work after telling cancer to sod off.

NEXT EPISODE IS GAME OF THE YEAR 2017 - and 2016's will post first. If you'd like to submit a top 5 list, please hit us up with the usual methods.

This podcast was recorded on January 29/February 1 and was edited by Donald Theriault.


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